Technology in Resonance

Torus Tech is a private research and development laboratory founded by physicist Nassim Haramein.

Established in 2015, Torus Tech is a private research and development laboratory founded by physicist Nassim Haramein, where he serves as CEO and Director of R&D. Torus Tech applies Haramein’s 30+ years of theoretical framework to patented resonance technologies that focus on quantum vacuum energy extraction and gravitational effects.

Sarah Amne

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Astles holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Southern California. She served as President of Azure, Inc., her third startup since leaving Apple in 2002.

Sarah was named Silicon Valley Mountain View’s 2017 Business Person of the Year. She owned two businesses in Mountain View for seventeen years and has been a great advocate for the City. She was Board President of the Central Business Association for several years, representing 300 businesses, and a Board Member of the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce.

Sarah has been active in the Business Issues & Public Policy (BIPP) Committee since 2016, identifying and acting on key business, community and legislative issues at the local, state and federal level, as well as industry related issues impacting transportation, environmental, health & safety regulation and business trends.

Sarah is Chief Executive Officer of the International Space Federation, and its subsidiaries; ISF France, Resonance Science Foundation, ARK Crystal, and Torus Tech.

Jayme Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

Jayme Johnson is a seasoned marketing-operations strategist and executive with a longstanding career in branding, product development and growth marketing. Her wheelhouse includes startup strategy, go-to-market strategy, visual branding & storytelling, product development, scaled-operations deployment, financial forecasting and multi-channel productions.

She has built launch pads for technology and innovative brands for 25+ years with a 10X growth scalability, legitimizing new companies and communities to acquire big-name investors, sponsors and financial partners.

Her work portfolio includes Fortune 500 global companies CNN and Hyperloop as well as science and technology apps and marketplaces in the fields of bio-tech, agriculture, transportation innovation, media, consumer brands, and health and wellness. 

Her passion to bring unified physics into humanities major industries for evolution on and off-planet drive her purpose and mission.

Nassim Haramein


Haramein’s findings are based on a fundamental geometric quantization of spacetime, formalizing a unification between the quantum scale and cosmological-sized objects, including the universe itself. Haramein’s seminal paper “Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass” was published in the peer-reviewed journal Physical Review & Research International in 2013. Utilizing a generalized holographic principle, the paper predicted a precise value of the charge radius of the proton which disagreed with the Standard Model by 4%. This prediction was later confirmed by a team of scientists at the Paul Scherrer Institute utilizing muons in a proton accelerator. The measurement has since been validated by the adjusted 2018 CODATA value of the proton RMS charge radius.

In 2004 Haramein founded the Resonance Science Foundation where a team of researchers and educators have developed a formal unified view of physics. These findings have implications and applications to revolutionary technologies that transform people’s lives and the world as a whole; helping to overcome some of the largest challenges facing the world today.

In 2004 Haramein launched The Resonance Academy, a unified physics online learning platform educating thousands of students from more than 80 countries.

The Connected Universe, a feature length documentary film, released in 2016 and narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, was produced based on Haramein’s discoveries and their potential impact on generations to come.

Advanced Resonance Kinetics (ARK) Crystal technology, a 25-year project of research and development by Haramein, was released in October 2017. ARK Crystal LLC is a subsidiary of Torus Tech and the exclusive manufacturer of the ARK crystal and licensee of the Torus Tech Harmonic Flux Resonator technology, used to electromagnetically treat the ARK crystal or PGQ (Precision Geometric Quartz). When exposed to the toroidal structured spin-field, the oscillatory frequency of the quartz crystalline lattices are coupled with the quantum harmonic oscillations of the vacuum energy of space, such that even when the crystals are removed from the HFR’s field, they retain the vibrational spin modes engendered by the coherent field dynamic of the HFR. Each crystal is then a fractal of the larger toroidal field of the HFR, where molecular coherency may be sustained, indefinitely.

The Connected Universe, a feature length documentary film, released in 2016 and narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart, was produced based on Haramein’s discoveries and their potential impact on generations to come.

Torus Tech is committed to understanding the universal network of vacuum harmonic oscillations, which can be considered as information exchange in innumerable quantum computational units, or Planck spherical oscillators, where each Planck sphere is one bit of information. It is this unified space memory network that informs and connects all things to produce coherence, order, and systems intelligence.

Olivier Alirol, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Olivier Alirol is a Nuclear Physicist who has worked on the nuclear interactions between X-ray and semiconductor materials. He worked in the CEA laboratory (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique) (French government-funded technological research organization working on atomic energy). He has a vast academic knowledge in both physics and chemistry.

He graduated with a degree in scientific engineering from ESPCI Paristech (Ecole Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles), possesses a master’s degree in scientific measurements from the University of Paris VI and he holds a PhD in nuclear physics from INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées).

For the past several years, he has been working as a scientific advisor for startups and medium size companies dealing with many fields of applications such as near field communication, LPWAN ioT technology, nuclearized environment, laser systems, continuously variable transmission and also chemical compounds formulation.

Apart from this professional activity of managing R&D and securing its funding, he practices martial arts (black belt in judo and experienced in aikido), informatics as a hobby, as well as his research into new forms of alternative energies.

Jean Philippe Ginestet

Chief Engineering Officer

Jean Philippe has a 20+ year leading organizations in research and development, training engineers in industrial electronics and software, and bridging gaps between product
development and go-to-market teams. He has a track record for strategic innovation, defining and communicating new visions, product design, project management, production, driving sales and creating seamless implementation. 

As a turnkey innovator, he is a multi-time winner achieving innovation prizes and grants for technical strategy and product development. He is an expert in public and private funding for research and innovation; with a strong background developing IP in Electronics, Software and hardware architecture.

Mr. Ginestet led design and development as Technical Director for Freel Tech’s Vacuum Capacitor Technology, Social Network Project with Nouvonivo and Supercomputing Project for Synergy-CAD to name a few in his extensive career. He has contributed to 6 patents, developed 9 products, acquired $6M in grant funding, and raised $4M capital. 

Specializations include super computing, data transmissions, 3D reconstruction, physics of ultra high vacuum, high voltage, LENR research, power supply and energy conversion.

Field applications include IT solutions for energy, AI, deep learning, big data, high-performance computing, telecommunications, finance, automotive, scientific measurement, and semiconductor industries.